🎲 The Power of Play: Games for Learning + Southeast Asia EdTech 50

Fueled by rising demand for engaging and effective learning solutions, the gamified learning market has the potential to grow in all sectors from early learning to workforce training. This week, we feature Southeast Asia's most promising EdTech startups.

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Fueled by rising demand for engaging and effective learning solutions, the gamified learning market has the potential to grow in all sectors, from early learning to workforce training. This week, we also feature Southeast Asia's most promising EdTech startups.

This Week's Topics

  • 💬 Games for Learning. Mapping 150+ products across 9 categories
  • 📊 Chart Spotlight. Education is a top app category
  • 📈 K12 Digital Transformation Survey. Participate in our survey
  • 🏆 Southeast Asia EdTech 50. The most promising learning, teaching, and upskilling startups in the region
  • 📖 Annual Education Outlook. 180+ pages of trends, insight, and data
  • 💰 Education Deals of the Week. Funding and M&A

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🎮 Games for Learning

Research has shown that integrating elements of games and playful design into traditional learning approaches transforms static experiences into engaging ones, and that engagement is critical to outcomes. This is important when considering recent challenges in education, with learning outcomes in literacy and numeracy reaching unprecedented lows and the need for a skilled workforce has never been higher.

Educators and EdTech providers are leveraging the motivational power of games to actively engage learners across levels and subjects to address these challenges. The spectrum of solutions encompasses two main approaches:

Gamification: Applying game elements like points, levels, badges, and rewards to enhance existing learning activities.

Game-based learning: Leveraging commercially made games or designing entire learning experiences as interactive games with specific learning objectives embedded within the gameplay.

A central theme unites the gamification market: enhancing the learning experience. This umbrella concept encompasses increased engagement, interactivity, skill development, and improved knowledge retention. The market itself is diverse, ranging from analog and digital toys and manipulatives used for early literacy to fully immersive VR simulations for workforce training.

🎲 Games & Simulation - Market Map

Source: HolonIQ

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Following games, education was the second most widely available app category on the Google Play app store. Intrinsically, educational apps align with user goals related to self-improvement, career advancement, and academic success. Educational apps allow learners to take ownership of their learning journey with accessible, self-paced learning. Apps also keep learners motivated and engaged in the learning process by incorporating gamification elements such as quizzes, rewards, badges, progress tracking, and other interactive features like simulations and multimedia content.

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Source: HolonIQ. K12 Digital Transformation Survey

🏆 Southeast Asia EdTech 50

Each year, HolonIQ identifies the 1000 most promising EdTech startups globally. Region by region, we build a picture of each market and how technology is being used in education, from PreK to Lifelong Upskilling. Drawing on the HolonIQ Platform, along with perspectives from market experts in each region, analysts from our Education Intelligence Unit consider which segments are in demand, where capital is flowing, the products and models gaining traction, and the characteristics of the leadership team. This week, we are featuring the 50 most promising EdTech startups in Southeast Asia.

Source: HolonIQ

📖 2024 Global Education Outlook

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💰 Education Deals of the Week

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👨‍💼 Interview Kickstart, a platform helping software engineers with technical interviews, raised $10M to address the digital workforce gap.

Graide, a UK-based AI-based assessment platform for teachers raised $2M and plans to expand in the UK and target new markets in the US and Canada.

🌕 Moonhub, a VR training platform raised $1.4M in investment to drive product development and market expansion.

🎲 Tokidos, a Montreal-based Ed Tech startup raised $995,000 in pre-seed funding to support the launch of its screenless game console, PLAYCubes, designed to reduce children's screen time.


✍️ Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, a digital K12 platform, acquired Writable, an AI-powered writing assessment and practice solution, and launched HMH Labs, a new incubation team focused on the development of emerging technologies, including generative AI.

🌎 Wayside Publishing, a US-based world language educational solutions provider, acquired Nualang, an Ireland-based language learning platform.

📱 Erudifi, a provider of digital financial services for students in Southeast Asia, acquired Singapore-based online learning platform, Doyobi.

🧑‍⚕️ Level Education Group, a provider of online continuing education courses to mental health, nursing, and case management professionals, acquired CEU Creations, a similarly-focused livestream training company.

🍃 The B2W Group, a provider of sector-specific pre-employment courses and bootcamp courses, acquired ECTA Training, a green energy skills training provider.

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