⚖️ 50%+ Against EVs. ChatGPT Replaces Tutors. Social Media Usage.

Chart of the Day #22 looks at AI Replacing Tutors, EV Preferences and Teenager Social Media Usage.

EVs accounted for less than 1% of shipments during a record-breaking year for Toyota. The first wireless electric road in the US was installed in Detroit, allowing EVs to charge up as they drive along. In the West, electrification of mobility has slowed down as state-led initiatives falter. Today we look at Electric Vehicles.

Today's Topics

  • 🤖 AI in Tutoring. ChatGPT Better Than a Tutor?
  • 🚙 EV Doubts. 50%+ Prefer Gasoline/Diesel Vehicles Over EVs.
  • 📱 Social Media Usage. Boys Favor YouTube, Girls Prefer TikTok.

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🤖 ChatGPT Better Than a Tutor?

The education landscape is shifting, particularly on the teaching front. UNESCO indicates an estimated 119 countries to face teacher shortages by 2030, which is partly attributed to the rise of AI. Currently, the general consensus among US students is that ChatGPT is more effective than human tutors. However, comparatively fewer high school/college students (85%) report that ChatGPT is more effective, possibly because high school education often requires hands-on approaches and practical learning for complex topics. EdTech valuations are also declining as Large Language Models (such as GPT, Bard etc.) replace traditional EdTech firms.

🚙 50%+ Prefer Gasoline/Diesel Vehicles Over EVs

Although Electric Vehicles (EVs) are widely recognized as the future of mobility, a 2022 survey revealed that over 50% of consumers in the US, India and Germany still express a preference for gasoline/diesel vehicles. However, as of 2023, the US made significant strides in EV infrastructure, with anticipated solid-state battery commercialization promising improved range, faster charging and lower costs. Market limitations persist however due to region-specific EV availability and brand loyalty. East Asian countries like China, however, prefer EVs as they possess dense charging infrastructure and cost advantages from domestic battery production.

📱 Boys Favor YouTube, Girls Prefer TikTok

Social media is very much intertwined in our lives and it is no surprise the grip that it has on US teens. According to a recent poll, on average teenagers spend 4.8 hours a day on social media. Overall, girls appear to have an additional usage time of almost an hour compared to boys. YouTube, TikTok and Instagram emerge as the most engaged platform by teens; however, there is a gender-wise disparity in platform preference. Boys show a significant preference for YouTube, whereas girls display a clear liking towards TikTok, spending almost an hour more than boys on the app.

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