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🧬 Personalized and Precision Medicine + LATAM Health Tech 50

Precision medicine is increasingly defining healthcare strategies, with a focus on customizing treatment plans for individual patients. These modifications could offer valuable insights for earlier diagnoses or preventive actions in at-risk individuals.

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Precision medicine, also known as personalized medicine, represents a shift in healthcare towards tailoring treatment plans to individual patients. In the Health Tech landscape, we revisit the 2023 Latin American Health Tech 50, which highlights the region's most promising startups in the health technology sector.

This Week's Topics

🧬 Precision Medicine. Tailoring medication plans according to individual patient needs
📊 Charts Spotlight. Personalized medicine accounts for 25% of FDA approvals
📈 Medical Device Index. Positive performance in the last three months
🏆 Latin America Health Tech 50. Latin America's most promising startups working in digital health, biotech, drug discovery, and analytics
📖 Annual Health Tech Outlook. 190+ pages of trends, insights, and data
💰 Health Tech Deals of the Week. Funding, M&A and IPOs

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🧬 Personalized Outcomes Through Precision Medicine

Precision medicine, also known as personalized medicine, represents a shift in healthcare towards tailoring treatment plans to individual patients. This approach leverages information from a person's genes, proteins, and other biological factors to guide care decisions. In oncology, precision medicine often focuses on identifying specific genetic alterations within cancer cells. These alterations can influence treatment options and potentially inform earlier diagnoses or preventative measures for at-risk individuals. Healthcare providers may utilize various tests, like genetic or biomarker analyses, to gather data for a precision medicine approach. While the term itself might not be explicitly used, the underlying principle of analyzing individual genetic makeup is increasingly shaping healthcare strategies.

📊 Charts Spotlight - Personalized Medicine Accounts for 25% of FDA Approvals

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Personalized medicine has accounted for a quarter of all FDA new molecular entities (NMEs) since 2015. Of the 35 approved by the FDA in 2022, more than a third were personalized medicines. FDA approvals expanded the scope of personalized medicine beyond new drugs. Existing drugs and drug combinations received new indications based on patient-specific factors, demonstrating the increasing focus on tailoring treatments to individual patients. This signifies a growing trend in personalized medicine that goes beyond solely novel therapies.

📈 Capital Markets - Medical Device Index Shows Positive Performance

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HolonIQ’s Medical Devices index has risen by 1% over the last quarter. Boston Scientific's ($101B MCap) earnings were likely impacted by industry-wide issues, including supply chain disruptions and global uncertainties. Despite recent challenges, the medical device industry has shown strong performance, as evidenced by the index reaching a high of 7% in March. Companies like Intuitive Surgical, Inc. ($133B MCap), Stryker Corp. ($125B MCap), and Abbott Laboratories ($187B MCap) experienced growth of 21%, 21%, and 3%, respectively, over the past three months. Factors including increasing demand for surgical devices and advancements in healthcare technology drove the increases.

Stocks within the index also reported positive earnings results during the quarter. Abbott Laboratories beat its quarterly profit forecast with strong sales of its medical devices. Intuitive Surgical Inc. exceeded its Q1 profit and revenue forecasts, driven by higher demand for its da Vinci surgical robots. Overall, with trends like surgical robotics, wearables, and AI adoption, the outlook for medical devices is promising. However, recent product recalls, such as the Medtronic recall, will likely impact index performance in the coming weeks.

🏆 Latin America Health Tech 50

The 2023 Latin American Health Tech 50 is HolonIQ’s annual list of the region's most promising startups in digital health, biotech, drug discovery, and analytics.

Among the cohort members, Keirón (a Chile-based health software firm) stood out with its recent funding. Keirón secured $1.7M in a seed funding round led by Taram Capital. Keirón will leverage these funds to accelerate its Mexican expansion. The company plans to enhance its omnichannel CRM software, which streamlines business-consumer interactions.

📊 2024 Global Health Tech Outlook

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💰 Health Tech Deals of the Week

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🤖 Xaira Therapeutics, a US-based AI drug developer, raised $1B in Venture funding to advance in AI for drug discovery and development research.

💊 Metsera, a US-based developer of advancing obesity and metabolic disease treatments, raised $290M in Series A funding led by ARCH Venture Partners to expand operations and R&D.

🔬 Endeavor BioMedicines, a US-based clinical-stage company developing treatments for pulmonary fibrosis that target underlying causes, raised $132.5M in Series C funding led by AyurMaya to advance its lead candidates in clinical development.

💻 Lumeris, a US-based telehealth company, raised $100M in venture funding led by Deerfield Management to expand its provider partnerships.

🩸 SynOx Therapeutics, an Irish biotech company that focuses on treating giant cell tumors, raised $75M in Series B funding led by Forbion, HealthCap, and Bioqube Ventures to assist with their Phase 3 clinical trials.

💉 Corner Therapeutics, a US-based biotech firm specializing in immunotherapy, raised $54M in Series A funding led by Ziff Capital Partner to improve vaccine development capabilities for cancer.

🩸 Midi Health, a US-based femtech firm, raised $60M in Series B funding led by Emerson Collective to expand insurance, hire 150 clinicians, diversify services, and care for millions.


💰 MBK Partners, a South Korea-based private equity firm, has acquired a stake from Geo-Young for $1.4B, a wholesaler / distributor for medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

💊 Incyte, a US-based pharmaceutical company, will acquire Escient Pharmaceuticals for $750M to expand its $750M product offerings.

👶 Hamilton Health Care System, a US-based medical practice for pediatric and primary care services, has acquired Tennova Healthcare for $160M.

📊 Kincell, a US-based cell therapy firm, has acquired Imugene’s NC cell therapy facility for $6M. This allows Kincell to produce Azer-cel for Imugene's trials, transfer process, and development.

IPOs/Other Offerings

🧬 Biohaven, a US-based biopharmaceutical firm that targets neurological diseases, raised $264.5M in a follow-on offering.

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