⚡Climate Tech Women Leaders. Denmark Abdication. Apple Board Restructure+

Power Moves #3 looks at Women Leaders in Climate Tech, major power and our election watchlist. For unlimited access to over one million charts and more, request a demo.

This Week's Topics

  • 🗺️ People Map. 2023 HolonIQ Climate Tech 1000 Women Leaders
  • 💼 CEO Moves. PayPal, Dyson, IG Group, Euroclear + More
  • 🧑‍💻 Technology Moves. Apple Board Restructuring, IBM CTO, AWS CFO + More
  • 🧑‍🎓 Academic Moves. Changes including in Columbia University, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • 🏛️ Government Moves. Denmark, Bhutan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Comoros
  • 📰 Leadership Notes. AI & Leadership. Leadership Traits. Damaged Business Partnership
  • 🗳️ Election Watchlist.
  • ✅ Concluded Elections.

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🗺️ People Map - 2023 HolonIQ Climate Tech 1000 Women Leaders

This week's People Map examines the representation of women leaders in HolonIQ's Climate Tech 1000 list, which represents 86 female leaders. Notably, 29.4% of the women leaders are affiliated with the Europe & Central Asia region, followed by the North American region (26.5%). The East Asia & Pacific region comprises 25%, while the Sub-Saharan Africa region is represented by 5.9% on the map. The Middle East & North Africa, South Asia, and Latin America & Caribbean regions each contribute an equal distribution of 4.4% and it exhibits the smallest representation on the map.

✨This Week's Highlights

🇺🇸 Apple Inc. is undergoing a board restructuring as longtime directors Al Gore and James Bell announce their retirement, while former Aerospace Corp. CEO Wanda Austin joins the board. The company revealed this development on January 11th, citing a policy where directors do not stand for reelection after reaching the age of 75. James Bell, a former Boeing Co. executive, joined the Apple board in 2015, while former US Vice President Al Gore has been a director for over two decades. Both individuals are 75 years old.

🇩🇰 Denmark's Prime Minister has declared Frederik X as King following Queen Margrethe II's formal abdication, concluding her 52-year reign as the country's longest-serving monarch. Margrethe's voluntary abdication marks the first instance of a Danish monarch stepping down in nearly 900 years.

💼 CEO Moves

🇬🇧 Barclays' managing director, Simon Bladon, has announced his departure from the British bank to assume the position of UK CEO at PayPal. The appointment is set to take effect in January 2024, pending regulatory approval.

🇸🇬 Renowned for its vacuum cleaners, Dyson appointed Hanno Kirner, a former director at Aston Martin and Jaguar Land Rover, known for his expertise in battery technology. This move signals Dyson's strategic shift towards enhancing its proficiency in battery technology and increased involvement in the renewable energy market.

🇬🇧 IG Group (LON: IGG), the London-listed financial company, has revealed a significant leadership update, appointing Matthew Davidson as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for its Australia and New Zealand division.

🇧🇪 Valérie Urbain has been appointed as Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Euroclear, succeeding the retiring CEO, Lieve Mostrey. Urbain, presently the Chief Business Officer, brings her extensive experience, having been associated with Euroclear since 1992.

🇿🇦 Metair, the automotive components and batteries group, has named Paul O'Flaherty as its new CEO, effective from February. Formerly associated with ArcelorMittal SA and Eskom, O'Flaherty takes over from Sjoerd Douwenga.

🇺🇸 Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. is poised for change with the anticipated appointment of Stellantis executive Mark Stewart as its new CEO.

🇮🇳 Development Credit Bank (DCB) Limited, a prominent commercial bank in India, has officially appointed Mr. Praveen Achuthan Kutty as its Managing Director and CEO. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has granted approval for his appointment for a three-year term starting from April 29, 2024.

🧑‍💻 Technology Moves

🇺🇸 Sujey Edward has taken on the position of Chief Technology Officer at IBM, contributing a wealth of experience and a varied professional background to this pivotal role.

🇺🇸 Amazon's senior logistics officer, John Felton, has been appointed the company's Chief Financial Officer for its AWS cloud computing division. Felton's move to AWS coincides with Richard Puccio, the division's current CFO, leaving.

🇦🇺 Vast Renewables Limited (Vast), a renewable energy company specializing in concentrated solar thermal power (CSP) energy systems, has revealed the appointment of two new directors. Peter Botten is set to assume the position of Chairman of the Board, while Tom Quinn will serve as Director.

🇬🇧 Eleven Therapeutics, a leading biotechnology company specializing in next-generation mRNA therapeutics, announced the appointment of Dr. Paloma H. Giangrande as the CTO. Dr. Giangrande assumed her role on January 2nd, 2024.

🇺🇸 In its efforts to scale up, Simplilearn, the leading online boot camp for digital economy skills training, has recently appointed Mr. Mark Moran as the Chief Marketing Officer and Mr. Veerasundar V as CFO.

🇬🇧 About:Energy, a prominent player in battery data, appointed Laura Webster as Director, a seasoned hedge fund partner with commercial experience and investment acumen. The company, a global innovator in battery technology development, is central to the world's battery ecosystem. Laura's appointment follows another significant addition, with former Jaguar Land Rover and Group Renault CEO Thierry Bolloré joining About:Energy as Director last year.

🧑‍🎓 Academic Moves

🇺🇸 The President of Columbia University has designated Angela V. Olinto as the forthcoming Provost of the University, with her term set to commence on April 1, 2024.

🇺🇸 Dean Bridget Terry Long of the Harvard Graduate School of Education has announced her decision to step down after the academic year. This marks the conclusion of her six-year tenure as dean and a decade of dedicated administrative service to the school.

🇺🇸 The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching welcomed Dr. Brooke Stafford-Brizard as the new Vice President for Innovation and Impact. With a Ph.D. in cognitive science in education from Columbia University, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the role.

🇮🇳 FLAME University, a leader in interdisciplinary education, has appointed Prof. Venkat Venkataramanan as its Pro Vice-Chancellor.

🇮🇳 Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya, India's leading Hybrid Learning platform dedicated to providing outcome-based learning at scale, has made key additions to its leadership team with the appointment of Ravikanth Kanchibhotla as the Head of Test Prep Segment and Abhishek Chhabra as the Head of K-10 Segment.

🏛️ Government Moves

🇧🇹 Bhutan's liberal People's Democratic Party (PDP) secured victory in parliamentary elections, marking its fourth successful democratic mandate. Tshering Tobgay, the leader of PDP and former prime minister (2013-2018), is poised to assume the premiership for a second consecutive five-year term starting January 30, 2024.

🇨🇩 Congolese President Felix Tshisekedi was inaugurated on January 20th for his second five-year term after a contested December election. He pledged to unify the country and address the challenges in the conflict-ridden eastern region. Despite winning with over 70% of the vote, the election faced criticism for logistical issues, including delayed or non-opening polling stations.

🇰🇲 Comoros President Azali Assoumani has secured a disputed fourth term with 63% of the vote in an election contested by the opposition, which deemed it "fraudulent." The electoral body reported a low turnout of 16% due to opposition boycotts.

📰 Leadership Notes

🤖 The Best Leaders Can’t Be Replaced by AI

The Best Leaders Can’t Be Replaced by AI
There are some areas where AI is surpassing human capabilities — but there are several it can’t replace. Based on their research into employees’ comfort with AI in management, as well as their decades of research on the qualities of effective leadership, the authors identify the promise (and perils) of AI-enabled management, as well as the three uniquely human capabilities leaders need to focus on honing, especially as AI begins to figure more in management: 1) awareness, 2) compassion, and 3) wisdom.

🏆 Traits Imperative For Today’s Leader

Traits Imperative For Today’s Leader
In the contemporary landscape of the workplace, organisations are recognising the connection between effective leadership and staff retention.

🤝 7 Steps to Repair a Damaged Business Partnership

7 Steps to Repair a Damaged Business Partnership
No long-term partnership — personal or professional — is without challenges. Getting key issues on the table in a timely way and having open, direct, and respectful conversations can reduce frustrations and facilitate needed change. In this article, the authors outline seven steps to take if your business partnership has gotten rocky.

🗳️ Election Watchlist

Over half of the world's population—4.2 billion people spread over about 65 countries—will cast their votes in 2024. Among them are eight of the ten most populous nations in the world, including the United States, Mexico, India, and Russia. There has never before been a phenomenon like this in a single year.

This is the 🗓️ election calendar for 2024 so you can be aware of the major events that could influence global politics and democracy in the future.


🇫🇮 Finland, President (28 January)


🇸🇻 El Salvador, President, and Parliament (4 February)
🇦🇿 Azerbaijan, President (7 February)
🇵🇰 Pakistan, National Assembly (8 February)
🇮🇩 Indonesia, President and Parliament (14 February)
🇧🇾 Belarus, Parliament (25 February)
🇸🇳 Senegal, President (25 February)


🇮🇷 Iran, Parliament (1 March)
🇮🇪 Ireland, Constitutional Referendums (8 March)
🇵🇹 Portugal, Parliament (10 March)
🇷🇺 Russia, President (15–17 March)


🇰🇷 South Korea, Parliament (10 April)


🇵🇦 Panama, President and Parliament (5 May)
🇱🇹 Lithuania, President and Constitutional Referendum (12 May)
🇩🇴 Dominican Republic, President, and Parliament (19 May)


🇮🇸 Iceland, President (1 June)
🇲🇽 Mexico, President, Senate and Chamber of Deputies (2 June)
🇧🇪 Belgium, Parliament (9 June)
🇲🇷 Mauritania, President (22 June)
🇲🇳 Mongolia, Parliament (28 June)


🇷🇼 Rwanda, President and Chamber of Deputies (15–16 July)


🇲🇿 Mozambique, President and Parliament (9 October)
🇺🇾 Uruguay, President and Parliament (27 October)


🇺🇸 United States, President, Senate, and House of Representatives (5 November)
🇵🇼 Palau, President and Parliament (12 November)

✅ Concluded Elections

🇧🇩 Bangladesh, Parliament (7 January) - Sheikh Hasina was appointed as Prime Minister for her 4th consecutive term.

🇧🇹 Bhutan, National Assembly (2nd round) (9 January) - Tshering Tobgay will take office as the Prime Minister on 30th of January.

🇹🇼 Taiwan, President and Parliament (13 January) - Lai Ching-te was elected as President.