🎐 China Wind Energy. 15.6% Youth Unemployment. Career Planning.

Chart of the Day #32 looks at China's Wind Energy Generation, Youth Unemployment, and Career Planning.

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Wind farm operators in the UK have been accused of routinely overestimating their power generation capacity. Output forecasts help grid operators decide when to deactivate wind farms during periods of excess output, to prevent grid overload. Wind farm operators are paid for doing this, and overestimating output has cost consumers millions of pounds.

Today's Topics

  • 🧑‍💼 Career Planning. Young professionals prioritize career growth over work-life balance
  • 🎐 Electricity Generation. China's wind energy grows from 0% to 10%
  • 💼 Youth Unemployment. Youth unemployment declines to 15.6% worldwide

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🧑‍💼 Young Professionals Prioritize Career Growth Over Work-Life Balance

Job seekers aged 18-34 years often prioritize career growth and learning and development over work-life balance, according to a recent Workplace Learning report. On the other hand, those aged 50 and above prefer to take on challenging and impactful roles, leveraging their experience and skills. As individuals in this age group are typically approaching the later stages of their careers, professional growth is a factor that is de-prioritized. In contrast, middle-aged individuals assign similar importance to all aspects when choosing a new position.

China's Wind Energy Grows from 0% to 10%

Despite the primary reliance on coal for electricity, China's electricity generation from renewable sources is rising, showcasing a commitment to addressing climate change pressures. Historically, hydropower dominated the renewable energy landscape in China. In 2008, the energy mix broadened as wind and other renewables gained traction. Alongside the expansion in wind energy, a shift towards solar energy, driven by cost reductions and high energy conversion rates, is also observed. In 2023, solar photovoltaics accounted for 75% of the global renewable energy capacity added, with China experiencing the most rapid expansion.

💼 Youth Unemployment Declines to 15.6%

Globally, youth unemployment rates declined in 2022, after reaching a peak of 18.9% during the pandemic. The Middle East exhibits the highest youth unemployment rate, influenced by factors such as low female workforce participation. South Asia also grapples with educational barriers hindering workforce entry, resulting in elevated unemployment rates. In the European Union and North America, the 2008 global financial crisis and the pandemic drove unemployment rates higher, but rates have since fallen to pre-crisis levels. Likewise, youth unemployment in other regions has declined after the pandemic spike.

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