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🚘 8x EV Spend. 53% Undiagnosed Diabetics. Mental Health.

Chart of the Day #48 looks at EV Spending, Mental Health and Undiagnosed Diabetics

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In the last five years, the cost of caring for a child with a mental health condition in the US has risen by 31%, translating to an average of $4,361 per year. A recent study found that children struggling with mental health problems have a tougher time recovering from a concussion, taking a longer time to recover and having worse emotional symptoms.

Today's Topics

  • 🧠 Mental Health. 58% see decline in child mental health in wealthy nations
  • 🚘 EV Spending. 8x rise in EV spending
  • 🍬 Undiagnosed Diabetics. 54% of Africans undiagnosed for diabetes

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🧠 58% See Decline in Child Mental Health in Wealthy Nations

In contrast to high-income nations, low-income countries tend to be less accepting of mental health conditions. Despite these challenges, an intriguing finding emerges, as 55% of respondents in low-income countries believe that mental health outcomes have improved in the past generation, according to a UNICEF survey. This positive shift could be attributed to a combination of factors, including heightened mental health awareness initiatives and the implementation of social security welfare projects aimed at safeguarding the mental well-being of low-income individuals.

In wealthy nations, enhanced availability of mental health services and heightened awareness campaigns may contribute to higher rates of diagnosis, potentially influencing more individuals to perceive worsening conditions.

🚘 8x Rise in EV Spending

Between 2017 and 2022, electric vehicle (EV) sales have seen an eightfold increase in volumes, largely propelled by government incentives for EV purchases and the growing range of EVs equivalent to traditional vehicles. While both government and consumer spending on EVs have surged, there's a notable shift, as the government's share of spending on EVs has decreased relative to total expenditure. This indicates a maturing market with a reduced reliance on subsidies. Spending by consumers and the government per EV has remained relatively stable since 2017, indicating growing customer acceptance despite reduced incentives.

🍬 54% of Africans Remain Undiagnosed for Diabetes

The highest rate of undiagnosed diabetes is observed in Africa and is said to primarily stem from insufficient access to nutritious meals, which adversely affects overall well-being. This situation is further exacerbated by the limited availability and affordability of healthcare, leading to a significant number of cases going undiagnosed, according to a recent study. In Southeast Asia, traditional diets rooted in culture contribute to a concerning rise in diabetes cases, often going undiagnosed due to the normalization of these diets coupled with lower access to and affordability of healthcare.

The Western Pacific region faces a rapid surge in diabetes prevalence among young-to-middle-aged adults, potentially linked to elevated rates of childhood obesity. The delayed diagnosis raises concerns about the long-term impact on public health. Meanwhile, in North America and the Caribbean, even though undiagnosed cases are low, high healthcare costs, especially for the uninsured, lead to undiagnosed cases of diabetes.

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