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⚛️ 4x Nuclear Power. 72% Meat Consumers. US Education.

Chart of the Day #62 looks at Educational Attainment, Nuclear Power and Dietary Preferences

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The world's first Nuclear Energy Summit took place in Brussels this month, with over 30 countries participating to address nuclear energy's potential for reducing fossil fuel dependence and enhancing global security. A new report by Pew Research found that one in ten Asian Americans in the US live below the poverty line, with one-third of those aged 25 and older holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. In the non-Asian low-income population, only 14% have a college degree.

Today's Topics

🎓 Education Attainment. US educational attainment on the rise
⚛️ Nuclear Power. China's nuclear power grows 4x over the decade
🍗 Dietary Preferences. 72% meat-dominant diet in the UK

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🎓 US Educational Attainment on the Rise

The gap between the proportion of high school and college graduates has been narrowing since the 2000s, with high school graduates accounting for 37.7% and college graduates comprising 91.2% of the population as of 2022. Educational attainment among 25 to 29-year-olds in the US has increased significantly since 2010, and women generally outpace men in educational achievement. Racial disparities persist in education, with white students having a higher probability of attaining a degree. However, progress has been achieved as the gap in the likelihood of White students relative to their Black and Latino peers obtaining a degree has narrowed between 2000 and 2022.

⚛️ China's Nuclear Power Grows 4x Over the Decade

Nuclear power is gaining momentum in China in order to curtail air pollution caused by coal-fired plants. With the help of climate policies conducive to growth in the nuclear industry, China has achieved self-sufficiency in reactor design and construction. Currently, there are about 55 nuclear power plants in China, with over 20 under construction. In 2023, China installed 1.4GW of nuclear capacity, making nuclear energy 5% of the total power generation, a 3.7% year-on-year increase. Despite this progress, efforts to increase its share to 10% by 2035 are facing challenges, including public opposition and safety concerns.

🍗 72% Meat-Dominant Diet in the UK

Meat consumption continues to dominate dietary choices in the UK despite the wide availability of alternative food options. However, the dietary landscape is shifting, with research suggesting that in 2023, 1.3 million people converted to veganism. This shift is mainly driven by ethical and environmental concerns, but health concerns may also play a part. The majority of flexitarians in the UK and US believe that adopting a meatless diet is a healthier choice. Influential documentaries that address the environmental, ethical, and health aspects of veganism also reached millions of viewers in the UK in 2023, indicating that media awareness on the topic may also have a significant impact on shifts in diet.

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