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πŸ’Έ $3.4B EV Investments. 40% Online Undergrads <$40K. Country Rankings.

Chart of the Day #24 looks at Online Undergraduate Income Levels, EV Investments and HolonIQ Country Rankings.


Sacramento, California, published its 2040 General Plan, which proposes a ban on new gas stations and additions to existing ones. Uzbekistan plans to install thousands of EV charging stations as a response to EV sales growing ten-fold in the past 3 years. MG Motor links up with BatX Energies, India's first off-grid solar EV charging service provider.

Today's Topics

  • πŸ’Έ Student Income Levels. 40%+ of Online Undergrads Are From <$40K Income Households.
  • πŸ”Œ EV investments. $3.4B Investments Into EV Charging.
  • πŸ† Country Rankings. Europe Leads While Africa Lags in 2023 Country Rankings.

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πŸ’Έ 40%+ of Online Undergrads Are From <$40K Income Households

As the cost of education rises, online learning emerges as a growing trend. Data reveals that 41% of US undergraduates studying online are from households with an annual income of less than $40,000. Online courses generally tend to be more cost-effective than studying on campus. Together with the cost savings in transportation and not requiring onsite accommodation, they appeal to many low-income households. As expected, when income levels rise, more students lean towards studying on campus. However, postgraduates with an annual income of over $150,000 (18%) show a higher preference for online learning, possibly due to having to balance work and family commitments with study, fostering a better work-study balance.

πŸ”Œ $3.4B Investments Into EV Charging

In 2023, over 80 million light vehicles were sold, out of which electric vehicles (EVs) captured a 13,5 million segment, reflecting a 30%+ YoY growth. As EV adoption took off, supplementary services such as charging infrastructure lagged. Recognizing this critical gap, VC investors stepped in, contributing $3.4 billion to the EV charging sector in 2022. The majority of funding flowed towards growth-stage companies offering proven technologies, showcasing the risk associated with early-stage ventures in a hardware-intensive industry like automotive.

πŸ† Europe Leads While Africa Lags in 2023 Country Rankings

The 2023 HolonIQ Country Rankings reveal the intricacies of how countries perform relative to each other along 5 dimensions and 10 pillars. While Europe and Central Asia dominate in Human Capital, Wellness, Institutions, and Competitiveness, sub-Saharan Africa only stands out in Sustainability. This highlights the complex relationship between economic development and sustainability where low-income nations are also likely to have lower per capita carbon emissions. Although Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Sweden, and Norway lead the overall rankings, resource-scarce nations like Yemen, Sudan, and Central African Republic face broader challenges in most dimensions. However, the Central African Republic's remarkable 13th place (out of 168 countries) in sustainability demonstrates the inherent trade-offs and potential strengths within diverse national contexts.

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