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👩‍🎓 Work Integrated Learning Landscape

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is increasingly gaining importance in higher education, responding to the demand for job-ready graduates and skill gaps. In India, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has recently mandated internship for undergraduates, aligning with the 2020 National Education Policy. India has joined other governments in advocating for WIL models, reflected in policies such as the European Union's 20 guiding principles for high-performance apprenticeships, Canada's commitment to funding student work placements and Australia's National WIL Strategy to benefit students, employers, universities, and the broader economy.

Work-Integrated Learning combines academic studies with practical work experiences, allowing students to gain hands-on experience in a professional setting. This structured approach addresses both educational and workplace requirements, complementing traditional classroom learning with real-world application. Diverse models of WIL, including project-based activities (Practera, Crio.Do), simulated experiences (InSimu, Pixaera), and internships (Forage, InternMatch, Riipen), link students to real-world projects, simulate workplace scenarios, and offer practical exposure. Cooperative programs, clinical placements, and apprenticeships (Apprentify, Apprentigo) enhance the integration of academic study with more formal job positions, cultivating industry-specific skills and experience. Catch up on HolonIQ's most recent "The Rise of Skills, Competencies & Degree-Level Apprenticeships" Webinar for more insights on the work integrated learning.

Source: HolonIQ; NBS China

HolonIQ is tracking hundreds of work integrated learning providers around the world, along with global policy shifts and initiatives of organisations, technology companies and universities as they grapple with changing learner and workforce preferences.

HolonIQ Market Map - Work Integrated Learning

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🧨 Digital Transformation in Higher Education

Digital adoption and transformation remain the biggest challenge for universities (followed by funding/budget cuts, then student academic outcomes) according to the most recent result from HolonIQ's annual Higher Education Digital Transformation Survey. We are still gathering feedback from our Global Higher Education Panel and would love to hear from your institution! Participants of this research receive a full report and can nominate their institution for a HolonIQ Case Study. Participate.

Higher Education Digital Capability Framework (HEDC), HolonIQ

The HEDC framework offers an overarching view for institutions to map and benchmark digital capabilities across the learner lifecycle, ultimately to support practical and sustainable approaches to digital services and online learning. Learn more about the HEDC and use the Miro Template to kick off conversations at your institution.

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🏫 University Grants

🇬🇧 UK universities secure $198.6M in research funding

🇺🇸 US grants for HBCUs, tech programs and rural higher education support.

💰 Funding

🧠 South Korean AI-based learning platform Elice Inc. raised $14.9M, planning to build an extensive infrastructure for AI education and research.

💳 Education-focused fintech startup Varthana raised $14M to expand its financial support to a wider network of private schools in India.

🖥️ Madrid-based learning platform Leemons raised $1.6M to expand its recruitment efforts and go-to-market strategy.


🗂️ UK-based Juniper Education acquired Bulgarian education management platform Shkolo.

🌐 Language learning platform StudyLingua acquired French-Swiss language travel agency Aventure Linguistique.