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🎓 US Higher-Ed Dissatisfaction. 80% Carbon Capture Growth. 35% Corn Production.

Chart of the Day #122 looks at US Higher Education, Carbon Capture, and Corn Production.

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Denmark has announced a landmark carbon tax on agricultural emissions, making it the first nation globally to implement such a measure with the aim to achieve its 2030 climate targets. The European Commission announced investments of nearly €3 billion in clean energy projects and industrial decarbonization in lower-income EU member states, funded by the EU Emissions Trading System.

Today's Topics

🎓 Higher Education. Most Americans see room for improvement in US higher education
🌳 Carbon Capture 80% growth in global large carbon capture facilities
🧑‍⚕️ Corn Production. >35% of US corn production used for fuel

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🎓 Most Americans See Room for Improvement in US Higher Education

A recent survey reveals growing, but limited, satisfaction with the United States higher education system. While the share of Americans who agree that the higher education is acceptable as it is has grown, from 27% in 2017 to 42% in 2023, a significant portion remains unsatisfied. Nearly 60% of respondents in 2023 still believe the system needs improvement, likely due to rising costs, growing student debt, and declining enrollment rates. 

🌳 80% Growth in Global Large Carbon Capture Facilities

The global capacity of operational large-scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) facilities increased by 80% between 2013 and 2023. Capacity rose from approximately 13M tons in 2010 to nearly 50M tons in 2023, indicating significant advancements and investments in CCS technology to mitigate carbon emissions. These advancements aim to combat emissions from existing and upcoming fossil fuel power plants. 

🌽 >35% of US Corn Production Used for Fuel

Corn production in the US has grown substantially, with output doubling since the 1980s. The usage of this production also diversified as a shift toward corn being used more extensively as fuel (ethanol) emerged in the early 2010s. Currently, around 37% of the total corn production in the US is used to produce ethanol, which meets 10% of the nation's gasoline demand. The remaining corn crop is allocated for human food, beverages, and various industrial uses within the US, or exported to other countries for food or feed purposes.

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