⚖️ Nvidia Exceeds Aus+NZ GDP. Extreme Weather. Cyberbullying.

Chart of the Day #38 looks at Global Risks, Digital Skill Confidence, and Nvidia's Stock Prices.

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In Mongolia, over 2 million animals have died from exhaustion and starvation due to extreme winter weather. China experienced the largest temperature contrast recorded in a single country when Xinjiang in the far west, recorded a record-breaking low of -52.3°C on 18th February, surpassing a 64-year record. On the same day, Badu in southern China reached a maximum of 38°C, creating a 90.3°C temperature difference across the country.

Today's Topics

  • 🖥️ Digital Skills. Low-income students are more confident in preventing cyberbullying
  • 🌪️ Global Risks. Extreme weather & AI-led misinformation emerge as top global risks
  • 📈 Stock Prices. Nvidia’s market cap > Australia and New Zealand’s GDP combined

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🖥️ Low-Income Students Are More Confident in Preventing Cyberbullying

Students from high-income households tend to have better confidence in digital skills including managing privacy settings, understanding trustworthy sources, avoiding plagiarism, and identifying biased online information. This advantage can be attributed to the fact that high-income households typically have better access to technology and higher levels of formal education, providing children with easier access to acquiring digital skills.

A study found that children living in the lowest income households face a 20% greater risk of being bullied than those in the highest income brackets. Interestingly, the survey shows that low-income students demonstrate better skills in understanding how to combat cyberbullying (72%, compared to only 61% of high-income students).

🌪️ Extreme Weather & AI-led Misinformation Emerge as Top Global Risks

A consensus among two-thirds of respondents in a survey highlighted extreme weather events as a foremost global risk with significant impacts for 2024. The heightened concern follows the Northern Hemisphere's record-breaking summer temperatures in 2023. Current forecasts indicate the strengthening of the warming phase of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) cycle until May of this year. This prolonged El Niño phase could set new benchmarks in heat conditions, leading to expectations of severe heatwaves, droughts, wildfires, and floods.

AI-generated misinformation emerged as the second highest risk, with 53% of responses. The rise of social media has not only amplified the spread of misinformation but has also granted internet users access to disseminate content regardless of its authenticity. The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has accelerated the spread of fake news, particularly through advanced techniques of visual deepfakes and voice cloning.

📈 Nvidia’s Market Cap > Australia and New Zealand’s GDP Combined

Nvidia's (NVDA) stock price has surged 3.4 times since February last year, reaching $787 as of yesterday. The company's market capitalization reached a new high of $2 trillion, surpassing Alphabet to become the third most valuable US company, following Microsoft and Apple. This places Nvidia above Australia and New Zealand's current GDP combined.

In its recent fourth-quarter earnings report, Nvidia exceeded Wall Street analysts' expectations with an adjusted earnings per share of $5.16, compared to the expected $4.64. Revenue also surpassed projections, reaching $22.1B instead of the anticipated $20.62B.

The tech industry's focus on large AI models has established Nvidia as a key player in server development with its high-end graphics processors. Despite the current high, Nvidia's stock price faced challenges in 2022, experiencing lows in Q4 2022 due to decreased consumer demand and tightened export regulations. This followed spikes in Q4 2021 driven by market tailwinds and positive Meta (formerly Facebook) earnings.

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