👩🏻‍💻 Mentors. 10B Tonnes of Plastic. Macro Shocks.

Chart of the Day #16 looks at Mentorships, Plastic Production, and Impact Investing.

Today's Topics

  • 👩🏻‍💻 Mentorships. Mentors Provide Better Opportunities for Career Advancement.
  • 🥤 Plastic Production. Zero to 10 Billion Tonnes of Plastic.
  • 📉 Investment Impact. Investment Strategy Shake-Up After The Pandemic.

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👩🏻‍💻 Mentors Provide Better Opportunities for Career Advancement

A recent survey reveals the pivotal role mentorship plays in the professional growth of employees. At the individual (below managerial levels - analysts/associates) and managerial levels, there is a significant gap in opportunities between those who have a mentor and those who don't. For example, at the managerial level, 75% of those with a mentor reported they have excellent to good opportunities, while only 31% of those without a mentor felt the same. However, as the organizational hierarchy ascends beyond the senior manager level, the gap in perceived opportunities between employees with and without mentors gradually narrows.

🥤 From Zero to 10 Billion Tonnes of Plastic

Over the decades, there has been an uninterrupted and rapid rise in global plastic production. Starting from negligible amounts in the 1950s, the trajectory has surged dramatically, reaching an all-time high of nearly 10 billion tonnes by the year 2020. This trend emphasizes the urgent need for concerted efforts to address the environmental consequences, promote responsible consumption and explore new solutions to limit the rising impact of plastic on our planet.

📉 Investment Strategy Shake-Up After The Pandemic

The profound impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing climate crisis has led to a substantial erosion of investor confidence, as over 75% of the respondents express hesitation in making investment decisions due to these reasons. However, forced displacement and humanitarian crises stand in contrast, with 58% and 50% respectively stating that these situations have the least impact on their approach to impact investing strategies. This demonstrates how global events have diverse influences on investor sentiments in different spheres.

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