🖥️ LMS and the future of learning environments

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This week we take a look at our new Market Maps and preview LMSs and spotlight the 2023 LATAM EdTech 100 Don't forget to check out the 2024 Global Education Outlook, and sign up for our new Daily Newsletters Chart of the Day and Impact Capital Markets.

📊 LMS Market Landscape

Modern Learning Management Systems (LMS) are adapting to diverse educational needs and evolving settings, encompassing in-person, online, and hybrid delivery. Beyond content repositories, today's LMSs are dynamic, AI powered platforms supporting the entire learning journey across PreK-12, Higher Ed, and the Workforce.

From academic LMS incumbents like PowerSchool, Instructure and more recently Google Classroom to corporate LMSs focusing on role-based learning, the landscape has evolved and now includes micro-learning for professionals, AI-driven personalized platforms like D2L, immersive VR/AR environments, DIY design studios, collaborative learning tools, and place-based platforms tailored to specific regions. This evolving spectrum caters to a broad range of educational needs, from academic institutions to corporate training and individual pursuits.

HolonIQ is tracking hundreds of LMSs around the world and through Q1 we're launching an enhanced Market Maps feature to explore landscapes dynamically on dimensions important to you. By region, revenue, age, category and more with sub categorization on any dimension in one click. Stay tuned for the launch...

📊 2024 Global Education Outlook

Just a few weeks ago, we launched the 2024 Global Education Outlook, HolonIQ's annual analysis of the global education economy, presenting over 180 pages of detailed market data, investment & analysis, strategic shifts and trends in education. Download the extract or purchase the full report. You may also be interested in our Global Economic OutlookGlobal Climate Tech Outlook and Global Health Tech Outlook.

We have a jam packed agenda for 2024 including a major new market sizing release and many more exciting new initiatives. Stay tuned or Connect with HolonIQ to learn more about how we support forward thinking institutions, governments and organisations worldwide as they navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead.

📊 Charts, Charts and more Charts. Coming Soon.

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Higher Education is riding a digital rollercoaster. The pandemic accelerated a strategic shift to online learning and while many Universities around the world are adjusting back to something resembling pre-pandemic patterns, AI and a long-term digital transformation are powering massive expansion in hybrid programs.

Post-pandemic data from the NCEE in the US already points to ongoing decline of pure 'on-campus' programs that include no online components or courses. HolonIQ's forecast for 2030 expects 'On-Campus' enrollments to decline to less than 10% of the total with Hybrid accounting for more than 10M, more than 50% of all programs.

Source. HolonIQ Forecast, U.S. Department of Education Historics

📈 Education Capital Markets

HolonIQ tracks over 300 listed education companies around the world and thousands of acquisitions and investments each year. We powered the world's first Education Technology ETF and soon we launch a range of Stock Indices to track the daily performance of early Childhood, K12, EdTech, Tutoring and Test Prep and Higher Education companies worldwide.

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🏆 Latin America EdTech 100

Each year, HolonIQ identifies the 1000 most promising EdTech startups globally. Region by region we build a picture of each market and how technology is being used in education, from PreK to Lifelong Upskilling. Drawing on the HolonIQ Platform, along with perspectives from market experts in each region, analysts from our Education Intelligence Unit consider which segments are in demand, where capital is flowing, the products and models gaining traction and characteristics of the leadership team. This week we are featuring the most promising startups in Latin America and the Caribbean.