🎒 Education in 2024. Ready, Set, Go.

Happy New Year 👋

Welcome to 2024. It's been 4 years since the pandemic hit global education, 3 since capital markets surged with funding, 2 years after PISA confirmed two decades of learning loss and just 12 months since AI and the next generation of Language Models stole the show.

2024 is a fresh start and the stage is set for new products and new competitors, particularly in post secondary education. Vastly reduced funding for EdTech sees a return to fundamentals with focus on the learner experience, well-being, engagement, and retention as top priorities for education leaders as we enter a long term transition to digital as a core part of the education experience.

Just a few weeks ago, we launched the 2024 Global Education Outlook, HolonIQ's annual analysis of the global education economy, presenting over 180 pages of detailed market data, investment & analysis, strategic shifts and trends in education. Download the extract or purchase the full report. You may also be interested in our Global Economic OutlookGlobal Climate Tech Outlook and Global Health Tech Outlook.

We have a jam packed agenda for 2024 including a major new market sizing release and many more exciting new initiatives. Stay tuned or Connect with HolonIQ to learn more about how we support forward thinking institutions, governments and organisations worldwide as they navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead.

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HolonIQ's projections for US Higher Education Conferrals forecast non-degree credentials as the fastest growing award, likely to overtake the bachelors degree as the most conferred award in the US by around 2030.

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📈 Education Capital Markets

HolonIQ tracks over 300 listed education companies around the world and thousands of acquisitions and investments each year. We powered the world's first Education Technology ETF and soon we launch a range of Stock Indices to track the daily performance of early Childhood, K12, EdTech, Tutoring and Test Prep and Higher Education companies worldwide.

Our new Impact Capital Markets newsletter launches next week and will track over 60 impact stock indices, including education, emerging economies and over 50 indices tracking climate technology and healthcare innovation.

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🏆 2023 Global EdTech 1000

Each year, HolonIQ identifies the 1000 most promising EdTech startups globally. Region by region we build a picture of each market and how technology is being used in education, from PreK to Lifelong Upskilling. Drawing on the HolonIQ Platform, along with perspectives from market experts in each region, analysts from our Education Intelligence Unit consider which segments are in demand, where capital is flowing, the products and models gaining traction and the characteristics of the leadership team.