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Today's Topics

  • Hybrid Higher Education. < 10% of degrees will be on-campus by 2030.
  • Microcredentials. Interest has been growing steadily before the pandemic.
  • Telehealth. Most Europeans are satisfied
  • EVs. Nearly half of all EVs are SUVs
  • Civilization. 5000 years of Civilization in one chart

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πŸŽ“ <10% of US Higher Education will be fully 'on-campus' by 2030.

Higher Education is riding a digital rollercoaster. The pandemic accelerated a strategic shift to online learning and while many Universities around the world are adjusting back to something resembling pre-pandemic patterns, AI and a long-term digital transformation are powering massive expansion in hybrid programs.

Post-pandemic data from the NCEE in the US already points to the ongoing decline of pure 'on-campus' programs that include no online components or courses. HolonIQ's forecast for 2030 expects 'On-Campus' enrollments to decline to less than 10% of the total with Hybrid accounting for more than 10M, more than 50% of all programs.

Source: HolonIQ, U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics

πŸ“¦ Micro-credentials are on the rise.

We've seen huge demand for data and insights on Micro-Credentials over the past 5+ years, also evident in Google's Search Trends. The violent shift to digital at the start of the pandemic accelerated interest which has steadily advanced.

Source: Google Trends

βš•οΈMost Europeans are satisfied with Telehealth.

The majority of patients across Europe indicated that telemedicine effectively met their healthcare needs, with complete satisfaction levels ranging from 32% to 66.9%. Notably, countries such as France, Cyprus, Denmark, and Finland reported particularly high satisfaction rates, emphasizing the integral role telemedicine played in fulfilling diverse healthcare requirements amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source. HolonIQ, Eurofound

πŸš™ ~50% of Electric Vehicles are SUVs.

Small EVs still have a pretty decent jump in price over an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) small car. The battery pack costs a lot. But Trucks and SUVs are already quite expensive, and the larger overall size means adding the additional battery pack (for closer range parity with an ICE vehicle) isn't as hard to do.

Source. HolonIQ, IEA

πŸ“– 5000 years of Civilization.

Drawn from consensus academic history, checkout the evolution of civilization.

Source: HolonIQ

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