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πŸŽ’ APAC Secondary Enrollments. 38% Chemical Water Waste. Vaccination Coverage.

Chart of the Day #113 looks at School Enrollment, Chemical Waste Water and Vaccination rates.

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The Australian Department of Education has announced that the hourly rate cap for the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) will increase by 4.1% this year. Honolulu has invested $174M to upgrade the Sand Island Wastewater Plant that converts waste products into dry pellets for use as energy or fertilizer, with completion set for October 2028. has invested $174M

Today's Topics

πŸŽ’ School Enrollment. Australia and New Zealand have highest gross secondary enrollment ratios in the APAC
🌊 Chemical Water Waste. Food industry chemical waste share >2x that of the petroleum industry
πŸ’‰ Vaccination Rates. Higher vaccination coverage in the Americas compared to global coverage

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πŸŽ’ Australia and New Zealand Have Highest Gross Secondary Enrollment Ratios in the APAC

Gross enrollment rates for secondary education in the APAC region varied across countries and genders in 2022, with female enrollment surpassing male enrollment in most countries. Australia leads with 137.6% male enrollment and 133.3% female enrollment. Conversely, New Zealand had a higher female enrollment rate of 120.7%, 6% higher than males. These differences can be attributed to potential disparities in educational access and opportunities across the APAC region.

🌊 Food Industry Chemical Waste Share >2x That of the Petroleum Industry

In the United States, the food manufacturing sector accounts for the largest share (38%) of chemical water waste releases. The petroleum products manufacturing sector follows, accounting for 16% of industrial chemical wastewater releases. These figures highlight significant contributions from specific industries to the nation's chemical water waste output, underscoring the importance of targeted efforts to mitigate environmental impacts and enhance sustainable practices within these sectors.

πŸ’‰ Higher Vaccination Coverage in the Americas Compared to Global Coverage

In 2022, the Americas had higher vaccination coverage than the global average across various vaccines. HPV coverage was 40% higher, while HepB (Hepatitis B), PCV3 (Porcine circovirus), and RCV1 (Rubella) also had significantly more coverage. Vaccines like BCG (Bacillus Calmette–GuΓ©rin / Tuberculosis) and DTP1 achieved around 90% coverage globally and in the Americas. These figures highlight the region's vaccination efforts compared to the worldwide context.

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