🧠 AI Readiness. Plastic Waste. Health Inflation

Chart of the Day #7

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Today's Topics

  • 🧠 AI Readiness. Tech Sector Maturity Holding Nations Back in AI Readiness.
  • ♻️ Plastic Waste. Global Plastic Incineration to Double to 50% and Recycling to 44% by 2050.
  • 🩺 Health Inflation. 6.7% Increase in Family Health Insurance in 2023.

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🤖 Tech Sector Maturity Holding Nations Back in AI Readiness

The “Government AI Readiness Index Scores, 2022' addresses how ready a given government is to implement AI in the delivery of public services to its citizens. The latest data reveals a concerning trend; The technology pillar's influence impedes progress, with the USA being the sole government scoring above 80 in a pool of 181 global giants.

A government's success in using AI tools depends on a mature and innovative technology sector with ample human capital. While global AI skills are strong (human capital), there's a lag in maturity and innovation capacity, where high-income countries and middle to lower-income countries can be seen to have a visible divergence, although some large middle-income economies punch above their weight.

Source: Oxford Insights

♻️ Global Plastic Incineration to Double to 50% and Recycling to 44% by 2050

Over the decades, global plastic waste disposal methods have undergone significant transformation. In 1980, all plastic waste was discarded with negligible recycling and incineration. From 1980 (incineration) and 1990 (recycling), disposal rates started climbing at an average of 0.7% YoY. By 2015, 55% of plastic waste was discarded, 25% incinerated, and 20% recycled. Extrapolating these trends to 2050 suggests a potential shift; incineration rates may reach 50%, recycling 44%, and discarded waste could plummet to 6%.

Source: OECD

🩺 6.7% Increase in Family Health Insurance in 2023

Families are grappling with unprecedented challenges as health insurance costs surged to new heights, reaching almost $24,000 in 2023. This is an alarming 6.7% year-on-year increase, the most significant in over a decade, placing a heavy burden on households already stretched thin. It's not merely a statistic; it's a stark reality reshaping the way families plan their budgets and future. A looming second wave of inflation, fueled by these escalated healthcare expenses, could also threaten to impact consumers.

Source: KFF

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