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πŸŽ“ 97K+ Apprenticeships. 54Mt E-Waste. Obesity-linked mortality.

Chart of the Day #69 looks at Apprenticeship Completion, E-Waste, and Obesity.

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) indicates that approved drugs used for treating diabetes and aiding weight loss are linked to a decreased risk of developing multiple sclerosis, as revealed by a recent study. Microsoft, Junk Kouture, and Best Buy have collaborated to promote eco-friendly practices, recycling old electronics responsibly, and a mutual dedication to sustainability.

Today's Topics

πŸŽ“ Apprenticeships. 97K+ apprenticeship program completers
πŸ“± E-Waste. Rising global e-waste generation
πŸƒ Obesity. Obesity-linked mortality highest in the Middle East

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πŸŽ“ 97K+ Apprenticeship Program Completers

As college costs soar, apprenticeship programs in the US are gaining traction as a viable pathway for individuals seeking to enter the workforce or switch careers. Employers, facing a growing disparity between required skills and available talent, are embracing apprenticeships to fill crucial skill gaps. With heightened competition for jobs, more people are opting for apprenticeship programs, drawn by their increasing popularity and proven success rates with over 92% of apprentices retaining employment after completion of programs. This trend underscores the rising importance of apprenticeships in addressing the skills gap, benefiting both job seekers and employers, and promoting economic resilience.

πŸ“± 54Mt Global E-Waste Generation

Over the past decade, global e-waste generation has risen by nearly 50%, marking a concerning trend that is poised for exponential growth in the foreseeable future, boosted by technological advances. This is fueled by the ever-increasing adoption of technology, resulting in a constant influx of new devices flooding markets each year as consumers eagerly embrace the latest tech innovations, leading to faster product turnover rates and hence the lifespan of electronic products shrinking. Economic powerhouses such as China, the USA, and India are among the largest producers of e-waste. E-waste presents an opportunity for companies like Apple, Dell, and Amazon to unlock value through efficient waste management practices.

πŸƒ Obesity-Linked Mortality Highest in the Middle East

Obesity-related deaths vary across different countries due to a multitude of factors, including lifestyle, climate, and socioeconomic conditions. In nations like the UAE, Bahrain, and Kuwait, characterized by warm weather and modern sedentary lifestyles involving less physical exertion, the lack of exercise and unhealthy food habits have been attributed to higher health risks, contributing to higher rates of obesity-related health issues. Conversely, countries with colder climates like Russia, may also experience lower levels of physical activity due to the propensity for indoor living during harsh winters. Whereas, in China, South Korea, India, and Japan, where traditional diets and active lifestyles are more common, obesity-related mortality rates may be comparatively lower.

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