🦃 600M Tons Meat. 420M kg Coffee Shortage. AI & Teachers.

Chart of the Day #35 looks at Meat Consumption, AI in Education, and the Coffee Market.

Merhaba 🌙

Researchers from Vietnam and Russia have created a biosensor to measure meat freshness. The biosensor offers superior advantages in cost, portability, and time compared to traditional food-testing methods. In South Korea, scientists have developed what they consider to be a sustainable, protein-rich food called 'beef rice,' made by growing cow cells in grains of rice.

Today's Topics

  • 🤖 AI in Education. East Asian hesitance for AI in education
  • 🦃 Meat Consumption. 600M tons in meat consumption by 2050
  • Coffee Market. Coffee consumption exceeds production by 420M kg

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🤖 East Asian Hesitance for AI in Education

Adoption patterns of innovations vary across regions, and attitudes towards technology can differ. This trend is evident in teacher attitudes towards ChatGPT, with a higher share of teachers in Germany and the US believing that its benefits in education outweigh its drawbacks. Conversely, only 22% of teachers in Singapore were in favor of employing ChatGPT as an educational resource.

The accessibility of education, particularly through digital tools such as ChatGPT, plays a pivotal role in narrowing the opportunity gap as they are simple to use and free of charge. The ease of access to educational resources, facilitated by the internet and free digital tools, has the potential to transcend geographical and cultural barriers, benefiting individuals across the world.

🦃 600M Tons in Meat Consumption by 2050

As the world population increases along with average individual income, projections for meat consumption indicate a rising trend. Israel and the United States are at the forefront of poultry consumption, which has seen a steep increase and is projected to rise above 180M tons consumed by 2050. Beef consumption is increasing, but a growing awareness of the health risks associated with excessive red meat intake may lead to a slowdown in its growth. Pork has seen a decrease in its forecasted growth rate, linked to evolving dietary preferences shaping consumer decisions along with changing ethical, health, and environmental considerations.

☕ Coffee Consumption Exceeds Production by 420M kg

The global coffee landscape shows consumption surpassing supply since 2020. Coffee production has been affected by adverse weather conditions, increasing fertilizer prices, and crop diseases. The effects of the pandemic also led to labor shortages within the coffee industry, contributing to the imbalance in supply and demand. Additionally, market dynamics within the industry are also shifting. There is a rising preference for specialty coffee among consumers, driving demand for unique and high-quality varieties fueled by changing economic factors such as rising incomes, urbanization, and evolving lifestyles.

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