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💡 750M Without Electricity. 5K Indian Universities. Diabetic Patients.

Chart of the Day #51 looks at the Number of Universities Globally, Electricity Access, and Diabetes in the US.

Sanibonani 🦁

Scientists have developed a genetically modified cow with the ability to produce milk containing human insulin. South Africa's National Assembly has approved the Electricity Regulation Amendment Bill, aiming to enhance competition within the sector. Experts widely view this reform as significant for the country's electricity industry.

Today's Topics

  • 🎓 Universities. India records the highest university count
  • 💡 Electricity Access. 600M people without electricity in Africa
  • 💉 Diabetes. Diabetes is most common in US seniors aged 65+

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🎓 India Records the Highest University Count

In 2023, India boasted the highest number of universities globally, many of which are funded by government grants. It surpassed China to become the most 'represented higher education system in Asia,' with the highest number of universities ranked in the QS World University Rankings Asia. However, despite the number of universities, its educational enrollment rates remain low at only 30%. China's enrollment rate is much higher at 67%, accommodating 47 million students. India's lower enrollment rates are influenced by factors such as limited educational access and prevalent poverty. With much income disparity, the majority of the population starts working early on in life, leaving less time for educational pursuits.

💡 600M People Without Electricity in Africa

Despite funding efforts by the UNDP and World Bank to improve electricity access, Sub-Saharan Africa continues to face challenges. Embedded within a declining trend globally, Africa is home to the highest number (600M) of individuals without access to electricity, with the figure increasing by approximately 100 million in the past two decades. However, the decline in solar panel prices and the rise in solar installations in the region have offered a potential solution to reverse the trend.

In developing Asia, significant progress has been made in extending electricity access, which has been largely driven by advancements in nations such as China, India, and Indonesia over the past decade. With ongoing technological advancements alongside the rapid integration of renewable energy solutions, specifically in China, a substantial portion of the population in the Asian region has successfully gained access to reliable electricity services.

💉 Diabetes is Most Common in US Seniors Aged 65+

Diabetes rates in the US are rising, and one reason for this could be due to the high obesity rates, which have been proven to increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, the most common type of diabetes. Fast food, which has become a staple of modern American dietary habits, has a part to play with consumption continuing to rise despite increased awareness of its negative health effects. Individuals aged 65 and older are shown to be diagnosed with diabetes the most, and as age increases, so do the number of people with the disease. Several studies have also shown that mortality in patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes increases with age.

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