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πŸ‘·44% K-12 Worker Burnout. US Leads LNG Exports. Depression Risk.

Chart of the Day #98 looks at US K-12 Worker Burnout, US Leading LNG Exports, and Depression Risk in China

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The White House has introduced a new framework to safeguard US workers from potential workplace risks arising from AI, emphasizing health and safety rights. EU countries are preparing new sanctions against Russia, including restricting Russian LNG exports, amid concerns about their economic impact.

Today's Topics

πŸ‘· US Workforce. 44% of US K12 education workers experience burnout
πŸ”₯ LNG Exports. The US surpasses Qatar to become the leading LNG exporter
🧠 Depression. Depression risk highest in young adults in China

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πŸ‘· 44% of US K12 Education Workers Experience Burnout

Among all industries, K12 education workers reported the highest burnout rate of 44%, indicating they 'always or very often' experience burnout. Coupled with college and university workers’ burnout level of roughly 35%, educators were positioned as the most burnt-out group in the US workforce. Some of the reasons why teachers tend to be more burnt out compared to other industries include relatively low wages in comparison to other public sector workers. Working with many students, navigating family and parent dynamics, and the continuously evolving national and state-level policies add to the challenge.

In March 2020, at the start of the pandemic, 36% of K12 workers reported feeling burnt out very often or always, eight percentage points higher than the 28% found among all other workers as a whole. Educators had to adapt to online learning conditions, school closures, and mental health challenges faced by students, which further increased burnout during the pandemic.

πŸ”₯The US Surpasses Qatar to Become the Leading LNG Exporter

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) exports are on the rise globally, driven by economic growth and a global shift towards cleaner energy alternatives, particularly away from coal. Qatar has maintained its position as the largest LNG exporter, consistently exporting 105 billion cubic meters each year since 2016. This dominance is attributed to Qatar's abundant reserves of inexpensive gas and a relatively small domestic market.

In 2023, the US surpassed Qatar to become the top LNG exporter, with exports reaching 113 billion cubic meters. This rise in US exports is fueled by advanced technology and infrastructure developed over the past decade, enabling US drillers to unlock vast reserves and expand production. Additionally, geopolitical tensions, such as the Russian-Ukraine conflicts, have spurred increased exports to the European Union from the United States.

Australia closely follows the US, with 107 billion cubic meters of LNG exported. However, Australia's production is expected to decline due to natural declines in existing oil and gas fields and a limited pipeline of new fields being developed, suggesting that production may have peaked.

🧠 Depression Risk Highest in Young Adults in China

Younger adult population segments in China are at a higher risk of developing depression, according to a study, with the 18-24 age category holding the highest risk. Factors influencing depression risk include employment status, income level, number of working hours, and family and external support. Younger adult population segments are more likely to be unemployed and have lower incomes, placing them at risk for developing depression. Burnout holds a detrimental effect on depression risk, according to a study, with detection rates for depression exceeding 40% for those experiencing severe work burnout. Marital status may also influence depression risk, with married individuals exhibiting the lowest risk and unmarried individuals facing the highest, according to the survey. Beyond marital status, factors like exercise and sleep habits likely play crucial roles in both preventing and managing depression.

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