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🌊 +30% Hydropower Capacity. EU Educational Attainment. mHealth Applications.

Chart of the Day #130 looks at Education Attainment, Hydropower and mHealth Applications.

Merhaba 🕌

China and Pakistan establish a digital education alliance. In collaboration with more than 160 TVET partners, this initiative seeks to strengthen Pakistan's technical and vocational education and training system. Colombia's solar energy capacity has surpassed 1 GW achieving a new milestone, with 952 MW added in 2023.

Today's Topics

📑 Education Attainment. Luxembourg leads tertiary education attainment in Europe
🌊 Hydropower. Global hydropower and pumped storage capacity increased by over 30%
📱 mHealth Applications. Sleep, weight, and diet tracking top health app use in the US

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📑  Luxembourg Leads Tertiary Education Attainment in Europe 

The share of Europeans aged 15–64 with tertiary education attainment varied significantly across the region in 2022. The EU average is 30.2%, while Luxembourg, Ireland, and Cyprus have higher shares of educational attainment at 46%, 45.8% and 43.3%, respectively. In contrast, Romania, Italy, and North Macedonia have less than 20%, highlighting European educational attainment disparities.

🌊 Global Hydropower and Pumped Storage Capacity Increased by Over 30%

The global hydropower and pumped storage installed capacity increased by over 30% between 2014 and 2022. The cumulative capacity rose from over 1TW in 2014 to nearly 1.4TW in 2022. This growth highlights significant investments and advancements in hydropower and pumped storage technologies, which are crucial for renewable energy generation and grid stability. 

📱 Sleep, Weight, and Diet Tracking Top Health Apps in the US

In 2023, nearly half of US mHealth app users tracked sleep (48%) and weight (46%) the most, with 41% monitoring diet, food, and calorie intake. Blood pressure was tracked by 36%, while 34% focused on periods or menstrual cycles. Exercise and wellness apps are the most popular type of mHealth apps downloaded by users, while mental health app usage is lower.

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