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🌞 3.5x Solar Capacity Growth. 25% Aus International Students. Premature Mortality.

Chart of the Day #125 looks at International Students, Solar Energy, and Premature Mortality.

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The US has implemented a federal ban on colleges withholding transcripts from most students with unpaid debts. A new study found that more consistent refrigeration of foods throughout the supply chain could avoid nearly 2 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions per year from food loss.

Today's Topics

✈️ International Students. A quarter of Australia’s international students are from China
🌞 Solar Energy. 3.5x rise in India's solar energy capacity
🫁 Premature Mortality. Circulatory system diseases leading cause of premature deaths in the OECD

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✈️ A Quarter of Australia’s International Students Are From China

In 2023, over 600K international students studied in Australia. China was the top country of origin, accounting for over 150K international students. Other major source countries were India (19%), Nepal (10%), Columbia (5.4%), and the Philippines (5%). The diverse international student population reflects Australia’s appeal as a study destination, contributing significantly to the country’s economy.

🌞 3.5x Rise in India's Solar Energy Capacity   

India's solar electricity capacity rose from 39MW in 2009 to 63GW in 2022, marking a significant increase over the decade. From 2017 to 2022, there was a notable rise in annual solar energy capacity (3.5x), signifying the country's escalating investments in renewable energy. India also achieved a significant milestone in 2024, with solar power capacity exceeding 84 GW, representing over 57% of the nation's total installed capacity in the second quarter.

🫁 Circulatory System Diseases Leading Cause of Premature Deaths in the OECD

Circulatory system diseases were the leading cause of premature death in OECD countries in 2021, accounting for over one-third of all premature deaths. Cancer was the second most common cause of premature deaths, accounting for 23% of all premature deaths. Respiratory system diseases, diabetes, other endocrine diseases, and all other causes accounted for the remaining share of premature deaths. The WHO Mortality Database also states that some cancers that are preventable through public health measures are the main causes of preventable mortality.

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