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🌱 ~2M Barrels Biofuel Output. New Apprenticeships. 7Yr Life Expectancy Gap

Chart of the Day #120 looks at New Apprenticeships, Biofuel and Life Expectancy.

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The latest Statistical Review of World Energy shows that global energy emissions rose last year, despite significant increases in renewable energy capacity. The New South Wales Government has released its 2024-25 Budget Infrastructure Statement, outlining a $119.4B investment over four years through the Essential Infrastructure Plan to rebuild essential services.

Today's Topics

👷 New Apprenticeships. Over 18% decline in apprentices in Canada after 2013
🌱 Biofuel.  Global biofuel output hit nearly 2M barrels of oil equivalent daily
👵 Life Expectancy. Latin American Women live 7 years longer than men on average

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👷 Over 18% Decline in Apprentices in Canada After 2013

The number of new apprentices registered in training programs in Canada has grown over the past two decades, increasing from 199K in 2000 to 381K in 2020.  However, the 18.7% decline in new apprentices post-2013 can be attributed to changes in job availability, changes in government policies and incentives, and the rise of alternative training options.  Despite this decline, the long-term increase suggests a growing interest in alternative education pathways, which offer a cost-effective way to acquire valuable skills and improve productivity.

🌱 Global Biofuel Output Hit Nearly 2M Barrels of Oil Equivalent Daily

Global biofuel production reached nearly 2M barrels of oil equivalent per day in 2022. Biofuel production has seen a steady increase from 2000, when production was less than 0.2M barrels per day. Biofuel production has seen consistent growth over the years, reflecting advancements in biofuel technology and increasing global demand for alternative energy sources. 

👵 Latin American Women Live 7 Years Longer Than Men On Average

In 2022, South American women had the highest life expectancy in Latin America and the Caribbean region (LAC) at 78 years, compared to 71 years for men. Central American women had a life expectancy of 75 years, while men averaged 67 years. This results in a gender gap in life expectancy in LAC of 7 years. Similarly, research published in JAMA Internal Medicine, indicates that in North America, women outlive men, with women in the US now projected to live about six years longer than men.

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