🦾 268K Robots. 127% Brazil Solar Energy. Student Wellbeing.

Chart of the Day #58 looks at Student Wellbeing, Solar Energy and Robotics.

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A heat wave that passed through Brazil earlier this month pushed energy consumption in the country to record highs of 102 GW. It is believed that the rise in temperature also led to an efficiency loss in solar energy of about 15% due to higher-than-optimal operating temperatures of PV modules. MIT engineers have developed household robots with enhanced common sense, enabling them to self-correct errors and seamlessly proceed with their assigned tasks.

Today's Topics

  • 🎓 Student Wellbeing. Parent initiatives in student wellbeing
  • 🌞 Solar Energy. 127% rise in solar energy deployment in Brazil
  • 🦾 Robotics. 268K robotic installations in China

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🎓 Parent Initiatives in Student Wellbeing

53% of the global staff from international schools record that parent training or guidance plays a key role in the whole-school approach to wellbeing. Early childhood development isn't limited to formal education, the home environment also plays a pivotal role. Research has shown that many children suffering from mental health issues such as depression lack a home environment that is conducive to positive mental health, with parents' attitudes being a key factor in determining their mental health.

Additionally, emphasis has been placed on organizing events to support the well-being of students and integrating well-being within the curriculum. Adoption of mental health education is increasing across the world, with the Alaska Senate recently passing a bill to make mental health a core part of the curriculum.

🌞 127% Rise in Solar Energy Deployment in Brazil

Brazil's strategic location, with abundant sunlight and a robust industrial sector, has attracted substantial investments in solar energy. With one of the world's highest insolation levels receiving around 2,200 hours of sunlight annually, Brazil has seen a 127% increase in solar energy deployment over the decade. As Latin America's largest electricity market and the sixth-largest consumer globally, Brazil's transition to solar power not only meets increasing energy demands but also aligns with sustainability goals, positioning Brazil as a leader in renewable energy adoption within Latin America. This has also helped to drive economic growth through clean technology investments.

🦾 268K Robotic Installations in China

China emerged as the global leader in industrial robotics, with an annual installation of 268,200 units in 2021. This increase is attributed to factors such as escalating labor costs, technological advancements, and generous subsidies from the government. The increase in demand for industrial automation has led to the emergence of several robotics start-ups, concentrated in the Dongguan region, situated in China's Guangdong province. This region is renowned for its thriving robotics industry.

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