🔒 2000 Cyber Strikes. Gulf Leads Energy. 110 AI Lawsuits.

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Today's Topics

🔒 Cybersecurity. 2000 Cyber Attacks on Education and Health Each Week.
⚡ Energy Consumption. Gulf Region Dominates Per Capita Energy Consumption.
🤖 AI Threats. 110 AI-Related Cases Flood US Courts, up 6.5x Since 2016.

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🔒 2000 Weekly Cyber Attacks on Education and Health

Source: Check Point Research

In 2023, 1 out of 10 organizations were struck by attempted Ransomware attacks, which is a 33% YoY growth from the previous year, where 1 out of 13 organisations were attacked. Education, Healthcare and Governments/Military are the most vulnerable industries, receiving around 2,000 cyber attacks per week.

However, annual cyber attacks have largely remained stable or dropped for Healthcare and Education. The Healthcare industry experienced a 3% YoY increase reaching 1500 attacks per organization per week, closely following the Government/Military sector. The Education/Research sector experienced a 12% YoY decrease. Moreover, the Retail/Wholesale sector witnessed the highest change with a 22% YoY surge in attacks.

⚡ Gulf Region Dominates Per Capita Energy Consumption

Source: EIA

The Gulf region emerged as a frontrunner, surpassing both Europe and the United States and leading in per capita energy consumption since the 1980s. The United Arab Emirates leads with a per capita energy usage of 148,000 kWh, alongside its robust economic development and increasing energy demands. Similarly, Saudi Arabia follows closely with 87,000 kWh per capita, marking a substantial energy footprint in the region.

These figures far exceed the per capita energy usage in the United States at 78,000 kWh and Europe at 38,000 kWh, reflecting the Gulf's pivotal role in global energy dynamics. This upward trajectory reflects the growing demand for energy resources in Gulf countries, showcasing economic development, urbanization, and lifestyle changes.

AI Index, 2022

The year 2022 showed an all-time high, witnessing 110 cases related to artificial intelligence in US courts. This sharp rise is 6.5 times more than the 17 cases recorded in 2016. These cases, ranging from intellectual property disputes to ethical concerns surrounding AI algorithms, show the web of legal intricacies that the technology industry navigates. As AI technologies continue to evolve, legal frameworks are constantly challenged to keep up with innovation and pave the way for defining the future of AI governance.

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