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🔋 +120% Battery Storage Capacity. Enrollment Rates. Ageing Population.

Chart of the Day #128 looks at Enrollment Rate, Energy Storage and Ageing Population.

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The Scottish Parliament unanimously passed the Circular Economy Bill, a significant initiative to reduce waste and promote sustainability in Scotland. The European Commission announced the selection of 14 new European University alliances that will receive funding under the Erasmus+ program to promote cooperation among higher education institutions.

Today's Topics

🧑‍🎓 Enrollment Rate. US high schools have >45% fewer students than elementary schools
🔋 Energy Storage. 120% YoY growth in global  battery energy storage systems capacity
👴 Ageing Population.  Nearly 10% of the global population Is aged 65+

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🧑‍🎓 US High Schools Have >45% Fewer Students Than Elementary Schools

Student enrollment in the United States has fluctuated over the years. While elementary school enrollment is strong, high school enrollment is nearly 47% lower. This gap can be attributed to high school dropout rates, delayed enrollment, and demographic shifts. College enrollment rates have tripled since 1964, reaching 17.2 million in 2022, indicating a growing trend in higher education.

🔋 120% YoY Growth in Global Battery Energy Storage Systems Capacity

The global installed capacity of grid-scale battery energy storage systems (BESS) increased by over 120% from 2022 to 2023, reaching over 55 GW. BESS has shown steady growth from 2013 to 2020, followed by a significant increase starting in 2021. This rapid increase shows the growing importance of BESS in supporting renewable energy integration and enhancing grid stability.

👴 Nearly 10% of the Global Population Is Aged 65+

The global population aged 65 and above increased significantly from 1960 to 2022, rising steadily and accelerating notably from the mid-1990s onward. By 2022, it reached nearly 10%, reflecting the aging demographic trend. In 2022, Monaco had the highest elderly share at 35.92%, followed by Japan at 29.92%. Qatar had the lowest share at 1.52%. In the United States, this rate increased from around 9% in 1950 to 17.3% in 2022.

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