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🧑‍💻 100x+ Jobs In AI. EV Charging. Drug Shortages

Chart of the Day #105 looks at Job Postings, EV Charging and Drug Shortages

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Google is investing $2B to build its first data center and cloud region in Malaysia, expected to create 26,500 jobs and add $3.2 billion to the economy by 2030. The Biden-Harris Administration is offering $1.3B for EV charging infrastructure, supporting urban, rural, and highway locations through the CFI and NEVI programs.

Today's Topics

🧑‍💻 AI Jobs. Over 100x increase in AI job postings for specialized skills
🔌 EV Charging. China and the Netherlands exceed global average in EV charging electricity
💊 Drug Shortages. 97% of pharmacies utilized therapeutic alternatives to tackle drug shortages

🧑‍💻 Over 100x Increase in AI Job Postings for Specialized Skills

Artificial intelligence is reshaping various industries, creating a growing demand for skilled professionals where proficiency in AI-related skills can lead to high-paying job opportunities and career advancement. Among the top ten specialized skills, Data science and Amazon Web Services skills experienced a 150x increase in AI job postings, which could outpace the supply of qualified professionals, creating a talent gap. Python and computer science expertise saw over a 200K increase in AI job postings from 2010 to 2022, with an additional 100K+ increase among the remaining skills during the same period. 

🔌 China, Netherlands Lead in Electricity Use For EV Charging

China and the Netherlands are above the world average in electricity consumption for charging electric vehicles (EVs). The widespread adoption of EVs hinges on the availability of charging infrastructure. In 2022, major countries substantially expanded their networks of EV chargers, with over 600,000 public slow charging points installed globally. China led this effort, with 360,000 of these chargers, while Europe ranked second with 460,000 slow chargers, marking a 50% increase from the previous year. This expansion has been driven by governmental policies to reduce carbon emissions and a growing consumer preference for EVs.

💊 97% of Pharmacies Utilized Therapeutic Alternatives To Tackle Drug Shortages

ASHP surveyed a sample of its members to learn the severity and impact of ongoing shortages of select categories of drugs. 97% of US pharmacies have resorted to therapeutic alternatives in response to medicine shortages as of July 2023. Other notable tactics included establishing rationing rules (85%), switching to new dose forms (84%), and altering order sets or protocols (75%). Notably, 42% postponed or canceled treatments, while only 2% used other procedures.

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