⚡ $1.8T Clean Energy Investments. Ed-Tech Funding Decline. Surgery Automation.

Chart of the Day #20 looks at Clean Energy Investments, EdTech Funding and Surgery Automation.

China takes the lead as the largest market in energy transition, reaching $676 Billion in 2023. Globally, electric vehicles have seen the largest investments climbing up 36% to $634 Billion surpassing renewable energy which gained 8% to $623 Billion. Today we look at clean energy investments.

Today's Topics

  • Clean Energy. Global Clean Energy Investments Hit $1.8 Trillion.
  • 💰 Edtech Funding. Sharp Decline in Smaller EdTech Funding Rounds.
  • 🤖 Workforce Automation. 30% Rise in Automation of Surgeries in 50 Years.

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⚡ Global Clean Energy Investments Hit $1.8 Trillion

In 2023, global clean energy investments exceeded $1.8 trillion USD. Notably, investments in electric vehicles have experienced remarkable growth, starting from negligible funding in 2014 and surging to almost $130 billion USD in 2023. This uptick in EV investments has triggered increased investments into batteries, supporting the expanding EV market. Additionally, nuclear and low-emission fuels are gaining traction with significant private-sector investments, indicating a promising future. Despite the skepticism surrounding renewable power, investments in this sector continue to grow steadily, reflecting growing confidence in clean energy generation.

💰 Sharp Decline in Smaller EdTech Funding Rounds

EdTech funding experienced sharp declines in 2023 following an outlier in 2021 which saw pandemic inspired investments into the sector. Prior to 2021, sentiment was mixed; $100 Million+ rounds increased YoY between 2019 and 2021, while sub-$100M rounds declined marginally. In 2022, a cooling-off period was evident where all but sub $50M rounds posted sharp declines. As smaller funding rounds decline, there seems to be no appetite for large rounds as the sector goes through a correction period.

🤖 30% Rise in Automation of Surgeries in 50 Years

As AI continues to thrive globally, there's a growing trend toward job automation, posing a risk of many jobs becoming redundant. Expert findings and projections suggest truck drivers face the highest likelihood, with an estimated 90% automation within the next 50 years, followed by retail salespersons at 80%. Notably, projections suggest that half of surgeries and surgeon roles may be automated in the next five decades, evoking mixed sentiments among patients.

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